Dream a little dream.

This post is not really about something new, but I just want to write this dream down I had some weeks ago. It’s the best dream I’ve had in ages (in a very simple way, not a poetic, dreamy one) and I like telling people about it, because it really shows off how excellent my subconsiousness is at putting together puzzle pieces which have nothing to do with each other, so they make something beautiful and new instead. Or something really cheesy.

Anyway, in a class at university the subject was some writings of Sapho (from ancient Greece), who wrote lesbian love poems for young, beautiful girls. She lived on an island called Lesbos (fo’ real) and she was dead cool.

Also I had been watching plenty too many episodes of Americas Next Top Model in that period of time.

Hence I dreamt that I was on Lesbos, everything was really pretty and green and white. With green fields and valleys and white pillars (awfully many greek pillars and temples). And the women there were all so beautiful and dressed in floaty toga-like robes. They lived together in small tribes, with maybe 10 women in each. And then I realised, that each tribe consisted of the cast of one of the America’s Next Top Model cycles so all the models were there, and I visited all of them. I found my away around the island because Sapho (who was of course also Tyra Banks (wtf, brain?)) led me to each tribe and introduced me to everyone. Danielle was really nice and friendly, and Naima was so beautiful it almost made me cry. They were all about 2 foot taller than me and looked down on me and smiled, and Sapho-Tyra said I could stay with them always and that I did belong there. It was bliss.

When I woke up I was furious it wasn’t real. I wanted to throw myself out the window and slip into a coma so that I could dream that dream forever. Reality can’t compete.


One Response

  1. Omg, I want to come and live in your dream :DD

    I keep dreaming that everyone in the world are zombies and only my cats are normal, haha.

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